Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Supreme Court Now Bases Its Decisions Not On Our Constitution Alone, But Also On Laws Of Other Nations

The Supreme Court now uses foreign law in making its decisions!!

Did you know that our Supreme Court has begun making law based not on our constitution alone, but also on the laws of other nations? If you find that hard to believe, read on.

In their decision legalizing sodomy, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the majority of the court saying it took into consideration the laws of other nations in reaching their decision: “The laws of Northern Ireland forbade him (a homosexual defendant) that right” (to practice sodomy). Kennedy also referenced the European Court of Human Rights and wrote: “Other nations have taken action consistent with an affirmation of the protected right of homosexual adults to engage in intimate, consensual conduct.”

In the recent case involving capital punishment for those under age 18, Justice Kennedy continued this trend. Again writing for the majority of the court, he wrote: “It is proper that we acknowledge the overwhelming weight of international opinion against the juvenile death penalty.” The point here is not the ruling, but the fact that the Supreme Court looked not solely to the U.S. Constitution, but also to the laws of other nations.

This trend by the Supreme Court is very frightening. It moves toward having the laws of other nations supersede the U.S. Constitution. In the eyes of the Supreme Court, they are no longer bound by our constitution, but are free to use the laws of any country to reach the ruling they want.

Once any nominee is confirmed by the Senate, they are free to rule however they desire—including basing their decisions on the laws of other countries—without the people having any practical recourse.

Please, before it is too late, make your voice heard on this matter. Sign the petition to the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them to question all nominees about this issue. We must not have a Supreme Court that will allow laws from other nations to supersede our constitution.

Take action. Then forward this petition to your family and friends.
Click here to sign the petition


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