Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Great News! Because Of Your Actions, Attorney General Says DOJ Will Prosecute Obscenity

A few weeks ago I asked you to e-mail President Bush and Attorney General Gonzales asking them to prosecute obscenity. On Monday, Attorney General Gonzales announced that the Department of Justice would begin prosecuting obscenity.

Even before that announcement, Adelphia Cable said they would change their policy and not show hardcore porn on their cable systems.

Your actions got results!

Please send the President and Attorney General the e-mail thanking them for taking action. The thank you is especially important right now.

Two pornographers are making it easier for young children to be exposed to pornography. Playboy Enterprises and Dwango Wireless have announced plans to provide pornography, accessible to children, to the nation’s 170 million cell phone users.

In addition, the New York Daily News reports that children are now buying pre-paid porn cards to access porn sites on the Internet. The pre-paid porn cards operate like a pre-paid phone card. Click here to read this very disturbing news.

Reports also say that EchoStar, a national direct from satellite to TV dish provider, plans to begin featuring hardcore porn on their satellite feed to homes.


Please send the e-mails thanking the President and Attorney General. It is a first step, but at least it is a step. Every day Attorney General Gonzales waits to begin prosecution is another day the pornographers have to reach our children.

Click here to send your letter to President Bush and Attorney General Gonzales thanking them for the announcement that DOJ would prosecute obscenity.
Thanks, and God bless you.


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