Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Does PBS deserve your Tax Dollars?

Recently, at the request of Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling, PBS cancelled a program called Postcards From Buster. The program, aimed at small children, featured a lesbian couple.

In addition, PBS featured an extended interview with Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato discussing their documentary Inside Deep Throat which is about the porn movie Deep Throat. PBS officials thought that the porn movie was so important that they just had to give it great publicity on their network using our tax dollars.

It is accepted fact that PBS is the most liberal network in America. PBS has for years pushed the liberal agenda. Yet PBS stations get nearly a half billion dollars a year in tax money to support their operations. The bulk of these tax dollars go to a small number of PBS stations located in major markets in the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast.

PBS viewers are small in number and financially affluent. Their average age is 58. But all of us are taxed to support their programs.

PBS was created in the 1960's when there were a relatively small number of radio stations and only three TV networks. Today there are hundreds of TV channels and over 12,000 radio stations.

By contrast, all other non-commercial stations receive no tax dollars and must depend on their listeners and viewers to raise the operating funds.

Columnist George Will says it is time to stop forcing taxpayers to fund PBS. To read his article, click here.

Give us your opinion so we can share it with members of Congress. Cast your ballot in this on-line poll.
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