Friday, February 25, 2005

Terri Schiavo's life hangs in the balance. Your actions could help prevent her from being starved to death.

Sixth Judicial Circuit Judge George Greer has put a temporary stay on his order to pull the tube on Terri and let her die a slow, agonizing death by starvation. Here is the short version of what's happening.

In 1990, Terri suffered a serious brain injury. In a 2000 trial Terri's husband asked for the feeding tube to be removed. He had abandoned their marriage long ago by living with another woman and having two children with her. He has claimed hundreds of thousands of dollars from disability insurance.

According to Tony Perkins at Family Research Council, her husband pocketed the money and let Terri live without the medical attention he had promised to provide.

Terri's parents want to take care of her, but her husband wants her to die. The court has sided with the husband. Terri's parents have renounced any settlement claims and are willing to care for their daughter at their own expense. The judge has refused to grant their request.

In Florida, starving an animal is a criminal offense but starving a disabled woman is not.

Please ask Judge Greer not to punish an innocent, disabled woman by starving her to death.


Please send the e-mail to Judge Greer asking him not to kill Terri.
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