Monday, February 21, 2005

Stand Up For Our Soldiers Who Are Being Betrayed By The Mainstream Media

Tell The Media To Report The Good Things Our Soldiers Are Doing

Please read this warm, heart-rendering story about a group of soldiers who recently returned to the U.S. They watched the network news reports about the war while in Iraq and wondered how they would be treated upon their return home.

Click here to read the story – Be prepared to shed some tears.

Day and night we hear from the mainstream media about how much violence has occurred in Iraq. Listening to the news we are left with the impression that our soldiers are killing and being killed and wounded for nothing.

The mainstream media go on for weeks reporting how some prisoners were mistreated in Guantanamo. CNN's Eason Jordan went so far as to report that U.S. soldiers had intentionally killed journalists in Iraq. This is the same network that refused to report on the brutalities of Saddam Hussein's regime because they wanted to have access to the dictator. They take the negative acts of a handful of soldiers and dwell on them.

They refuse to tell Americans the whole story about what our soldiers are accomplishing. Frankly, I'm tired of the biased reporting.


Please send an email to the major news outlets telling them that you want to know the good things our soldiers are doing. Tell them to stop censoring the good and dwelling only on the bad. Our soldiers deserve better treatment from the mainstream media!

Click Here to send your email now!

For some good things our soldiers are doing, which aren't reported in the news, please click here.
~LH 1 Timothy 4:12~


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