Monday, February 21, 2005

Preserve Social Security

President Bush is committed to keeping the promise of Social Security for today's seniors while strengthening Social Security for our children. In his State of the Union speech speech the President discussed his plan to save Social Security for younger workers by allowing them the choice to set aside portions of their salary in personal accounts so they can start creating their own nest egg for retirement. The Social Security benefits for those at or near retirement will not change.

Unless we act now, Social Security will be bankrupt by the time our children retire.
To help educate the public about the President's plan, the RNC this week launched a new Web site: This Web site will provide up-to-date news, facts and ways for people to get involved in the debate.

Get involved now! Go to and sign an online petition asking your Senators to work with President Bush to preserve Social Security.

With your help we will preserve Social Security and make sure it is around for our children and grandchildren.

Consider the future. ~LH 1 Timothy 4:12~


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