Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Inauguration Committee giving misleading, false information.

Last week I learned that Kid Rock will perform at the Youth Concert at the Presidential Inauguration. Kid Rock represents everything that Values Voters voted against in the last election. For information on Kid Rock, click here.We asked a few of our supporters to call the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) and ask that Kid Rock be uninvited. We were hoping that this situation would be resolved without becoming a major issue. Those who called were told that what AFA had said about Kid Rock performing was only an Internet rumor, that AFA did not know what we were talking about and that AFA was not telling the truth.Elisabeth Bumiller, writing in the January 3 edition of the New York Times, confirmed that Kid Rock would perform. She wrote: "The Bush twins, Jenna and Barbara, will be hosts of the youth concert, where the teenage singer JoJo will appear along with Kid Rock." An article in WorldNetDaily also confirmed Kid Rock's appearance.I called PIC once on Thursday and three times on Friday and asked to speak with Mr. Greg Jenkins, Executive Director of PIC. Each time I was told that he was busy. I left messages for Mr. Jenkins to please return my calls. He did not. I contacted a U.S. Senator's high-level staff person who did speak with Mr. Jenkins and asked him to please call me concerning the situation. Still, no call.I urge you to send an email asking PIC to uninvite Kid Rock, and then forward this email to a least one friend. After you send the email, please call and ask that Kid Rock be uninvited.CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR EMAILThe following information will also appear after you send your email. PIC's number is 202-863-2005. If the phone is busy, call until you get through. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, I suggest you call the Republican National Committee. Their number is 202-863-8500. Ask them to express your displeasure with the choice of Kid Rock. Maybe RNC can convince PIC to uninvite Kid Rock. Thanks for caring enough to get involved.


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