Sunday, January 30, 2005

Alternative Medicines Can Be Very Confusing

Alternative Medicines Can Be Very Confusing

The executive director for the Christian Medical Association says all the different types of alternative medicines can be very confusing, and that Christians need to sort them out. Dr. David Stevens says alternative therapies can range from prayer to yoga to herbal supplements -- and can be put into three different categories: the good, the bad, and the ugly. "That's why a couple of years ago we produced a resource called The Alternative Medicine: The Christian Handbook," Stevens stated. Stevens says some non-traditional therapies come from Eastern mysticism and incorporate spiritual aspects that Christians do not often consider. He says Christians do not realize that when they are using the therapies, they are in fact taking part in that false religion. And he recommends caution be exercised when using herbal therapies. "Alternative medicines are not subject to the same safeguards as traditional medicines. They don't have to be proven to be effective, and there's no standardization in how these are produced and manufactured." Stevens says most alternative medicines have no scientific proof they even work or that they are safe. He says the best plan is to inform your doctor before starting any type of non-traditional medicine.
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