Tuesday, November 23, 2004

OOOOHHHH MY!! Here we go again!

You know I for the most part enjoy college. But one think I must say is I hate how the registration process. I have been here for a year and a half and basically found out that I have taken about a semester worth of classes I didn't need. So here I go again trying to register for nest semester. You know the nrmal hunting down of Advisor, finding out I can't take something because it has other requirements that I did not know about. The prereq. don't bother me its just when NO ONE told me what I needed to take. I really do like my asvisor as a person but I wish they would tell me what I need to take instead of letting me take my on stab out in the dark. I heard a person in one of my classes talking about the trouble they where having ad they said, "I don't see why we need to talk to an advisor before we can register. We would probulary wind up being just as close to being right in what we needed to take anyway." I hate to say this but for the most part I believe right! Of all the Professors I have had I think of only 2 I have been able to walk into there office and fill like I was welcome and not just intrudeing on there time. As you can tell I am not in the best of moods compared to the way I normally feel. It has got to be so bad I accidently snapped at my Mama last night when all she was trying to do was help. I do hate myself when I do that. Well, I must say to be able to vent a little does feel better! Later! ~LH 1 Timothy 4:12~


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