Friday, November 19, 2004


This blog as been a way for me to express myself in many ways, a chance for me to show my personality in a more personal, "open", way that I may or may not in a more public setting.

On this web-site I have shown you my way of looking at different subjects and also on my own life experiences. This time the substitute teaching subjest moves on:

Last week I was doing some substitute teaching (7th grade) at SMS, and I asked them if they would, when they finished there work would they write me a note---->basically tell me things they would want me to know about 7th grade (since I am going to teach middle school). Some of their responses caught me off guard but others seemed to what I, for the most part, expected. And I must add I am going these notes are written just as they were givin to me. These are the notes the students gave me:
(and I would love to hear some comments (esp. the people who really know me))
  • "Stay nice and as sweet as you are never get mean pass out candy and have lots of fun"
  • "Seventh grade is great it has all sorts of new things to learn. I like seventh grade because I can read as many books all I want. My name is __________. I live in Lancaster, South Carolina"
  • "If I were in Ms. Holleybrook's shoes and I wanted to know about the 7th grade. I would want to know that how many students were in my class. What time we change classes and what time do we go to lunch and recess. That's basically what I need to know about the 7rh grade."
  • "*Be more meaner *Give Detentions when the students are bad"

Until Next Time ~LH 1 Timothy 4:12~


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