Friday, October 29, 2004

President Bush and Associates on Faith!

(I recieved this email from a friend)

Dear (To whom it May Concern),

I urge you to watch a video entitled...
Inner Strength: the Role of Faith in the Public Lives of George W. Bush, Rick Santorum and Zell Miller.If you want to truly understand the President's faith, you can hear him describe it in his own words in this remarkable 28-minute documentary.

This fast-paced documentary traces the tradition of American presidents from Washington to the present speaking about their faith. It is augmented by Senators Rick Santorum and Zell Miller speaking about their own faith in addition to their close-hand observations of President Bush's faith in action.

It was produced by Let Freedom Ring, Inc., a public policy non-profit organization, promoting conservative values and encouraging believers to be actively engaged in the political process.
President Bush speaks of the importance of faith in his own life regularly, but most people never have the opportunity to hear him on this critically important subject.

I hope you enjoy the video and invite you to forwad it on to your friends.

To view the video, click here, then choose the format and connection speed best suited to your computer.

Donald E. Wildmon,


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