Saturday, September 25, 2004

Wednesday was a Grrreat Day!

This past Wednesday (September 22, 2004) was a grrreat day! A few weeks ago I started my second year of college, and haven't really had any tests until the week before this present time. And needless to sat I didn't do very well on any of them. I had 3 in one day, that just wasn't cool at all (The Computer Science test wasn't that bad, the American Lit test was so so, but the Religion Test was a no no (Religion is the only one I have recieved a grade for so far)). Anyway, back to Wednesday. All through my educational career the first test I always tend to do really bad on. So I try not to get to upset if I do bad on the first test, even though I do get a little down. So Wednesday I was already nervous because my day was starting out with my first test in Psychology 101 (Intro to). After the test, some other Adult students and I waited to talk to Mrs. E and walk over with her to her office to let her grade our test (it was on a scan tron so it would only take a minute just to slide it through a machine). Well, come to find out I made a B+. The test had 50 questions, and you needed to get 45 right to get an A---I got 44 right. "So close yet oh so far". But hey I am still absolutely estatic. So if my day couldn't get any better, IT DID!! My college which I go to is my favorite football team (College anyway (but my favorite Pro team is the Carolina Panthers)). I go to one of the extension, and the set a "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" but in this case---"Who Wants Football Tickets?". And during the game if the person didn't get any tickets the Student Goverment would do a random drawing to see who would get the ticket they lost, and that is how I got my tickets. I know it is stupid that I won the tickets just by being in a drawing, but truthfully I glad I won them that way instead of making a fool of myself in front of my peers, I do that well enough. So all in all it was a great day! Later I will tell you what happened last year when I won some tickets but not the same way! LH--1 Timothy 4:12


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