Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Columbia International University

I attended USC-Lancaster for two years, and though I did enjoy my time there....I could always tell there was something lacking. This is the first day of classes here at CIU and I am trully happy, no joyful, to be here. I don't know if it is just because I have grown up enough not to care but here the absolute spirit is different. In high school I was quite reserved and tended not to talk much, and this, ashamedly, I attribute to my lack of confidence. I look back on my High School days and remember feeling so inferior to the guys and girls who looked the right, dressed the right way, and all those other stereotyped ways we think people should look. Many times it was hard for me to be friends with these people because of bad passed experiences...where they would be nic e to my face but all they would do was make fun of me the next minute. But here though I still feel to an extent I don't belong with the "pretty girls"...the condescending spirit is no longer present. I have been able to start coming out of the shell I have placed around my life for so long and even though I still am the same person I can be more vocal about it. And even though someone may not agree with's OK... because I am me and that is them. Anyway greetings from Columbia International University! ~LeAnn 1 Timothy 4:12~


Blogger leave_nleadnuwalk said...

All too merciful creator. My redeemer, the Lord of my home, my heart longs to praise you, more often then doeth my lips. How do your most cherished angels glide, I ask? For by your grace, and my faith, your men, women, and people will come alive, to purpose, and I, unto perfection....
Perfection is to walk, breath, see, hear, and know all before is come to the all in all. Accept AUTHORITY DOMINANT

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