Friday, July 01, 2005

Stand With The President, Ask Him To Keep His Promise And Appoint Another Scalia and Thomas To The Supreme Court

As you know, Justice O'Conner has announced her retirement. During his campaign, President Bush promised to appoint judges who shared his views on the role of judges, such as Justices Scalia and Thomas.

The President was elected by voters who share the President's philosophy.

Send the email asking that the President hold fast on his promise and appoint someone with that philosophy. He will be under tremendous pressure from every leftwing organization and Senator in the country to back down and appoint a liberal. They will spend millions of dollars trying to force him to change his promise.

Please email him and encourage him to stay the course. That is why people voted for him.

The battle has begun. We must get involved. We must encourage the President to stay the course.

Please forward your email letter to the President, and please forward this to all your friends. The President needs millions standing with him.

Click Here To Send Your Letter To President Bush Now!

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