Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Your Vote!! Your Choice!! (Presidential Profile: John Kerry)

  1. IRAQ-- Voted for the use of force angainst Saddam Hussein but later voted angainst the appropriation of $87 billion for the effort. Criticizes Bush's lack of interanational support and handling of the post war occupation.
  2. SAME-SEX MARRIAGE-- Has opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment and did not vote when the bill came before the Senate in July. Supports same-sex civil unions (that include all the rights and benefits of hetersexual couples) but opposes gay marriage and the decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Court to legalize it.
  3. ABORTION-- Believes in a woman's right to choose. Said he will only appoint pro-choice judges to the Supreme Court. Because of his pro-choice voting record, Kerry was rated a perfect "100" by the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League in 2002.
  4. INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM-- Served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 18 years. Wants any U.S. action in the Middle East to be in concert with other nations and has called for a "new era of alliances" to tackle problems in the region. Wants to increase the number of NATO-led troops in Afghanistan.
  5. HOMELAND SECURITY-- Proposes a six-point plan to ensure homeland security, which would (1)provide more resources for first responders, (2)enlist the National Guard, (3)create a volunteer "Community Defense Service," (4)reform domestic intelligence, (5)improve public health standards and (6)tighten port security. Criticizes parts of Bush's Patriot Act, which he deems too invasive.
  6. EDUCATION-- Voted for the No Child Left Behind Act but criticizes its lack of funding and focus on test scores. Proposes an Education Trust Fund to increase education funding. Opposes allowing parents to send children to private schools at public expense but supports school choice.
  7. BROADCAST INDECENCY-- Serves on the Senate Communication subcommittee and voted to toughen fines and decency standards. However, radio shock-jock Howard Stern and other controversial media personalities have vocally supported Kerry.
  8. FAITH-BASED INITIATIVES-- Has waffled on the issue but now appears to support faith-based initiatives, albeit with tighter restrictions than those imposed by the Bush administration.
  9. ECONOMY-- Wants to repeal the Bush tax cuts for people earning more than $200,000 annually. Would use the extra money to finance health care and education reforms. Wants to cut the deficit in half and has called for an end to American corporations outsourcing jobs to other countries.
  10. PERSONAL FAITH-- Roman Catholic. Earlier this year some American bishops suggested that Kerry should be denied Holy Communion because of his pro-choice views.


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